Mosaic Launches New Home Solar Loan

Own Your Solar Power


Wondering if you can afford solar? Curious if there’s a way to get more independence and financial benefits than what the leasing companies currently offer?

There’s a simple answer to these questions: no money down solar loans.

This month, Mosaic launched a new way to put solar on your home this summer for no money down. They will give you a no money down loan to finance the cost of the system, with the monthly loan payments less than the typical Californian’s current electricity bill.

They’ve partnered with established local installer partners across California and have plans to expand to other states in the coming months. Of course, Mosaic first made waves last year with its innovative crowdfunding platform and this year is running a campaign for everybody to #PutSolarOnIt featuring tweets by just a few notables:

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Solar’s been all over the news recently – with claims of rapid cost decreases and more and more homeowners choosing solar themselves. I’ve avoided the lease companies as I don’t want my roof owned by a third party for the next twenty years (or the complications if for some reason I needed to sell my house). But a loan, now we’re talking.

Yet I’m a skeptic by nature, and so when I saw Mosaic’s offer roll around, I thought it may be too good to be true. So I figured I’d try it out – I signed up on their site at to get my free savings estimate and within no time at all I was talking to one of their representatives on the phone. Turns out that even with my (what I thought was low) $110 per month electric bill, I could save money starting right away with a Mosaic Home Solar Loan. I haven’t yet gotten the installation, but will keep you updated as it progresses.

So at some point over the last year or two, solar has gotten way more affordable than last time I checked. And by affordable, I mean a no-brainer – I was given a loan offer requiring no money down with loan payments less than my current cost of electricity. Being green just got a way lot easier!

Interested homeowners can get a free savings estimate at the Mosaic website.

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    Jim Houghton August 11, 2014 (4:14 pm)

    Most important advice I can give, as a current (and very happy) solar owner: put your panels where you can keep them clean. Anyone telling you they don’t need to be cleaned is LYING. If you can’t clean them on a regular basis, i.e. hose them off every couple of days and get up there and scrub them at least a couple times a year, you will take much longer to recoup your investment. It doesn’t take a very thick layer of dust to degrade performance significantly.

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    zuhair Mased September 29, 2014 (3:40 am)

    Photovoltaic (PV) modules typically come with 20 year warranties that guarantee that the panels will produce at least 80% of the rated power after 20 years of use. The general rule of thumb is that panels will degrade by about 1% – 2% each year.

    Degradation Rates

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) performed a meta-analysis of studies that examined the long term degradation rates of various PV panels. They found that the 1% per year rule was somewhat pessimistic for panels made prior to the year 2000, and today’s panels, with better technology and improved manufacturing techniques, have even more stamina than their predecessors. For monocrystalline silicon, the most commonly used panel for commercial and residential PV, the degradation rate is less than 0.5% for panels made before 2000, and less than 0.4% for panels made after 2000. That means that a panel manufactured today should produce 92% of its original power after 20 years, quite a bit higher than the 80% estimated by the 1% rule.

    Check this link:

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